Wardrobe Edit Workbook

The best place to start before building a wardrobe you love. You don’t need to Marie Kondo the lot, but a good edit is definitely a great place to begin. The Wardrobe Edit’s step by step guide is the exact method I use myself when editing a client’s wardrobe. Doing this once a year will ensure you have exactly what you need without continually adding in more of what you don’t need.


In this guide you will follow the steps I use when working with clients, how to edit what you currently have will help you understand what you need to create the wardrobe you love and how to get the best out of your clothes. Depending on the amount of clothes you have you may need a good day to complete and at best a few hours. Once the edit part is complete, we offer you a list of the fashion basics we believe everyone needs in their wardrobe, tick what you have and what you are missing to create a shopping list of what is required to build a fantastic wardrobe filled with pieces you love and wear. Combine this with the Complete Style Guide so you shop to your Body Shape, Colours and Style ID or enlist one of our Stylist’s to help.