Complete Style Guide

The Complete Style Guides are the most comprehensive, informative, bullet-proof guides available to help you navigate your style. This personalised guide contains over 100 clothing style’s that suit your body shape as well as 50 of your best trend and seasonal colours categorised into neutrals, colours and light tones. And your personal Style ID explained.


Once you have an understanding of these 3 key elements you have the blueprint to getting the best out of your shopping. Your Body Shape element of your guide contains over 100 styles and cuts that suit your body, so you know what to look for when selecting clothes. It can be confusing selecting styles instore let alone online, never buy wrong again or at least have a plan ready and having an understanding of whether the item will suit you is a powerful position when shopping. The colour section of the guide is the only digital colour system on the web that defines your best colours. This unique guide will determine 50 of your best colours to bring out the brightness in your features to help you shine. Lastly the Style Guide element is a breakdown of your Style ID. A category of 5 different style types and what I like to call the icing on the cake. Your Style ID will help you add personality into your wardrobe on top your best basics. This is how you add in “Personal Style” to your looks. For the best combination clients also purchased the Wardrobe Edit Workbook to edit what they already have then shop from there.