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My passion for personal styling began when I worked with Westfield as a Senior Stylist. I sat with women for 2 months, 4 days a week and every half hour I would consult on what the trends were for the season. What I learnt most in these sessions was that many women did not feel good in the style department, especially when they looked at fashion magazines I presented them with for styling ideas. This concerned me as after working with these ladies I would go and style celebrities knowing the reality of the images in the fashion magazines, that many people and hours of work went into creating just one look. I also watched friends start to have kids and become Mums with no time or start to build careers, working long hours and realising we were not 20 anymore. Fashion and trends started changing at a rapid pace and everyone was on Facebook or Instagram in the spotlight. 

“I learned the very important art of ‘fit’ and the importance of getting the right clothes for the body.”

During this time I was also working in TV for Sunrise, I learned the very important art of “Fit” and the importance of getting the right clothes for the body. Celebrities are not models and if they go out looking like their outfits don’t work, my head would be on the chopping block. These days trends change from one week to the next and keeping up with them whilst running a life can be nearly impossible. It upset me to see so many women giving up on style when I knew how to make it easier!!

I have taken my 10 plus years of experience styling for clients such as Vogue, The Voice, Australian and international celebrities and magazines as well as 1000’s of women to bring this expertise straight to you… To create a place that helps you to easily feel stylish and comfortable and be set up with the right tools to look your very best every day!

Shannon xoxo

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