Habits Stylish Women Have

by Style guru Shannon Meddings

Habits Stylish Women Have

Habits Stylish Women Have

Stylish women do a few things when developing healthy fashion habits and the effects of having good habits when it comes to building a wardrobe we have listed below to help you achieve a fabulous wardrobe you love. Lets deep dive.

Stylish Women
Stylish Women Habits

1 They take care of their items
Taking care of your clothes means you will have longevity in the pieces you invest in. Investing in styles that are well made and suit you means they will last. You wont need to continually buy more and more because the items you have are made to last – and because you brought well – these styles suit you girl! Basics and classics are best for this.
2 They embrace neutrals
Getting a good amount of neutrals in your wardrobe is smart to build those base pieces and then layer the trend colours on top. When you are I the shops and you see the hot pink top or the lime green pants and you fall in love – trust me when I say when this is back in your wardrobe you WILL feel differently. Im not saying dont have them – by all means do! But have a good amount of base styles to wear with it.
3. They don’t rush getting ready
I am maybe not the best example of this (who has the time ), but I know how to drive my wardrobe so to speak, I can get caught out every so often and oh heck is that a nightmare.. I suggest choosing a piece and knowing what other pieces work with that particular piece. Not everything is cut to sit well with every piece you own. No matter how awesome your body shape is some clothes just wont work together.
4 They err on the side of less is more
Look dont get me wrong, I am a fan of Print and Patten clash, as I am of self expression.. But, if you want to look well put together, with an outfit that compliments you and not the outfit taking over then subtle is best, lines that suit you are best and tones that work best on you will bring out your best – get ready for the compliments
5. They pay attention to little styling details
Oooo this is why I love fashion so much! You can tell a story, you can add fun elements, you can bring a whole  vibe together and it just all become a vision of interest and well.. style.. Knowing how to style is knowing how to dress for your shape! Its as simple as that.. Well maybe that’s the place to start anyway If you want to learn which shapes suit YOUR body shape CLICK HERE to purchase the Complete Style Guide, a personalised guide contains over 100 styles that suit your shape, 50 plus colours that work best for your complexion and a breakdown of your Style ID.
Stylish Women Habits
Stylish Women Habits

6 They study classic fashion
The classics get classic status for one reason, they have stood the test of time.Through leg warmers being cool, MC Hammer pants to Juicy Couture velour tracksuits.. Classics stay, classics last and classics will see you through when you most need them to. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate this wardrobe staples that don’t let you down. Ever.
7. They weave trends in carefully
As with the afore mentioned styles, trends can be a very slippery slope, what’s cool today can be hideous tomorrow.. My rule of thumb when selecting the trends is go with the styles that suit your shape, colours and style ID. this will ensure they have longevity as a cool and different item once the trend has no doubt passed on.. See habit 5 to know your body shape, colour palette and style ID.
8. They rewear their favourites
Yes that’s right! We can rewear styles we love!! Now Im just going to sound like a broken record.. If you get gems that work well for your shape ( actually all pieces) then they should all go together! Meaning you can have LOTS and LOTS of outfits juts reworked and restyled different ways! Fun!!
9. They elevate their look with an accessory
Im an earring person myself, but the trick here is to complete the look, done leave your outfit half done by not completing it with some well chosen accessories that work with the outfit!
10. They like to be comfy, but skip full-on athleisure
Being comfortable and styling my clients comfortably is literally everything! For me , there is nothing more hard to look at than someone who is pulling at their outfit or clearly doesn’t feel comfortable is what they are wearing. it also bears my heart a little as I know that when someone feels great in their outfit – they shine!! Again – well fitting clothes is the key to this equation.
Stylish Women Habits
Stylish Women Habits 

11. They take the time to groom
You can be in a simple outfit, but if you hair is outgrown, nails kinda scraggly and skin looking dry then darling you should take some time for YOU!! We have all been there, life gets busy, kids or work are demanding everything and you go by the way side. Take a minute, heck take half a day! Focus in you..
12. They stay true to themselves
Getting caught up in fashion can not only be a financial burden but can also leave you with a sloo of clothes you hardly wear and ultimately collect dust until you give away to charity or worse yet add the the growing pollution of thrown out clothing. Buying smart and clothes that you love to wear that gio with each other creating many outfits is the ultimate in having a fabulous working wardrobe. Buying willy nilly trends will lead to a critical situation that has many ramifications.
13. They know what looks good on them
To add to the above – dont get caught up in what looks good on instagram or on that other person with a completely different body shape to you! Ive been there, a style ive absolutely loved.. but was NEVER ever going to work with my body shape, yes it hurt and yes I walked away turning my hips.. but I tell you, id rather all my clothes make me look and feel amazing than spending on something that would never look good on me. Its the cut of that design. Its not you, remember that, walk away and find something better!
14. They have fun with fashion
Lastly!!!! Fashion is for EVERYONE!! No matter what your shape, you have amazing options that can be styled up and create fabulous outfits. Remember you are worth that. Enjoy!
Stylish Women Habits
Stylish Women Habits