Complete Style Guide

I Have Created The Style Guides To Be The Most Comprehensive, Informative, Bullet-Proof Guide Available Globally To Help You Optimise Your Style

"No more regrets. Know what to buy, in what colours and what style suits you. Every woman deserves to feel good, look great.” Shannon xx

Your Complete Style Guide is everything you need to know about your:

Body Shape, Colours and Style ID
Keep on hand for all shopping trips
Never buy a style that doesn’t suit you again.

Body Shape

Over 100 styles that work for your BODY SHAPE. In detail how to dress best for your shape, receive EVERY style and cut that will suit your shape.

Top 50 Colours

Know the COLOUR palette that suits you best. Your personalised 50 top colours, tones and neutrals

Style ID

Know your STYLE I.D. and how to dress for it. Breaking down your personal style code and what you need in your wardrobe to complete great stylish looks

Ready to get started? I look forward to being your personal stylist.

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